Ali Banisadr: The changing past - Publications - Ali Banisadr

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, this publication features an interview with John Yau and new writing on the artist by Doris von Drathen and Charlotte Mullins.


A painter of epic vistas and dazzling intricacies, Ali Banisadr creates complex worlds whose syncopated rhythms corral a multitude of references from history and art history, as well as allusions to our own turbulent times. In any single, expansive canvas one might sense the crystalline detail of the Persian miniature tradition, the muscular brushwork of Abstract Expressionism, the narrative dexterity of the early Dutch masters, the bravura technique of the Venetian Renaissance, or the libidinous glyphs of Surrealism, among others.


The 95-page case bound book is richly illustrated with 25 colour plates.

It is designed by Kate Rogers and printed by Roy Killen.